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If You are a Beach Lover!

Updated: May 11, 2019

#30A has so many beautiful homes. Many look like they belong on the pages of Architectural Digest ( and some probably are). #Cecesbeachhouse is attractive, well maintained, comfortable but not over-the-top luxurious. However, it has something many of those designer homes do not have.....a full beach view. It is truly a place for those who come to the beach for the beach. When searching for a vacation property I quickly discovered that I did not want to climb 3-4 flights of stairs to a crow’s nest to view the sand and the waves. I wanted to stand in my kitchen fixing lunch and view it. I wanted to dine on my balcony and listen to it. I wanted the beach to be the first thing I looked at in the morning and the last thing I viewed at night. I did not want to have to peek around the edges of other houses for a glimpse of the gulf. I did not want to stare at sand dunes....I wanted to watch my grandchildren playing on the beach or in the pool. At #Cecesbeachhouse you can do just that. You are surrounded 24/7 by sea and sand.

View of beach from balcony
View of beach from the balcony

It is paradise for beach lovers.

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