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First year is a wrap!

CeCe’s Beach House has been on the rental market for a year now. It has been a challenging year, beginning with a couple of hurricane threats in the area last fall, a broken dishwasher (replaced), an air conditioner condenser that failed in June (replaced), and numerous minor issues. While I have been able to spend several weeks at the property, they have all been working vacations…not the lazing on the beach I had imagined! Instead I have sanded, painted, built bunk beds, scrubbed floors and sinks, and tried to add all of the luxury features required to encourage CeCe’s Beach House guests want to return every year. But, as we slowly complete our projects (next big improvement will be switching from a queen to a king size bed in the master bedroom next month) I see some light at the end of the tunnel. And, I am still convinced that our beach is the best in the USA!

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