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Why 30A is the Best!

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

I love that our beach is never crowded! For years I dreamed of having a beach house when we retired. Despite the longer drive I preferred the Florida Panhandle over the Texas beaches because of the white sand and emerald water. We visited Destin a number of times but the crowded beaches and busy highways really bothered me...and, it got worse every year. About 5 years ago I decided if I was going to buy a property, I needed to spend a few weeks in the area to see if it was where I truly wanted to be. I found a condo on VRBO that I really liked but it was actually on Blue Mountain Beach...about 15 miles from Destin. I talked to the owner and he assured me the beaches and water were just as fine but the area was much less crowded and, well, just special. So I booked the Adagio property for three weeks and fell completely in love with the 30A area. 30A is not a highway..just a 2 lane road that meanders along the coast passing mega mansions and a few low rise condos interspersed with wonderful locally owned restaurants and shops. There is a bike path that follows it and sometimes you pass more bikers than drivers. On the eastern end around Seaside it can get pretty busy but the west end seldom has any traffic. But, the best part is the beach! There are miles of empty beach! The condo I decided to buy ( now CeCe‘s Beach House) has a private gated entrance to the beach. There are public entrances on either end of the building but there is no public parking so this greatly limits the visitors...mostly just ones who live or rent the houses across the street. With only 24 units in the building there is always a space for a front row seat right on the water, something we seldom found in Destin. It is very

convenient to run back to the condo or sometimes, I am satisfied to just sit on the balcony and view the white sand and crystal clear water and listen to the waves. It is exactly what I was looking for and am so glad I discovered #30A.

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